Unwanted facial hair is such a pain.  A quick treatment with me can remove it using gentle wax.  From upper lip or other areas, it’ll soon be gone

Does it hurt?

There’s a sting when the wax is removed that quickly disappears, promise.

How long does it last?

Typical results from facial waxing last around 3-5 weeks and grow back more finely than before.

Will my face be red afterwards?

It’ll be slightly pink, but I’ve got something to help reduce that.

Eye Brow Shaping

Lets shape those brows!  You decide on the shape you want and then relax and let me do the rest.  Using a combination of waxing and plucking to shape your brows.

Leg Waxing

Throw away your razor and have silky smooth legs for longer!  Offering a choice of half leg or full leg, you can show off your gorgeous, hair free legs.

Bikini Wax

For intimate waxing, you can have a bikini wax – removal of hair from the sides only.

How much does it cost?

Facial wax (incl upper lip and chin) £6
Half Leg £10
Full Leg £18
Bikini (sides) From £10
Underarm £10