Let’s treat your feet!  A pedicure is a luxury treatment that not only relaxes you and soothes tired feet but also keeps your skin and nails healthy.  Improving the appearance and reducing the hard skin that can be found on feet, it will also improve the look and condition of the toenails.

Did you know the treatment can also help improve the circulation in the feet and sufferers of joint problems will also feel some benefits.

How much does it cost?

Luxury Pedicure (up to 1 hour) includes massage, file, removal of hard skin, exfoliation, moisturise soak, polish or gel £25
File and paint (45 mins) includes nail prep, gel/normal polish, cuticle oil, lotion £18
Removal of Nail Polish/Gel polish (not mine) £5 (from)
Little Lady Pedicure – school age (up to 45 min) £8