Manicure, Gels and Extensions

Improve the texture and health of both your nails and skin of your hands and have gorgeous nails with one of my manicures.

Had the best gel nails ever – Emma Oliver

What is a manicure?

  • cleans, shapes, strengthens, paint and decorate your nails
  • uses massage techniques to stimulate the blood and lymph flow which improve the health of your skin
  • use oils, creams to exfoliate, cleanse and improve the texture of your nails and the skin of your hands.

Took my daughter and her friend for a Birthday manicure. Lovely nice looking nails and the girls are happy – Lorraine Lyons

How much does it cost?

Luxury Manicure (up to 1 hour) includes, hand soak, exfoliation, cuticle and nail prep, massage with lotion

File and Paint – includes cuticle and nail prep, oil and hand lotion  £18
Nail Extensions (approx. 2 hours) £25
Removal of Nail Polish/Gel (not mine) from £5
Little Lady Manicure (up to 16 yrs) £12